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About this website

Approximately 3,200 persons visited this website in 2016.

The gallery of maps is good display of what contemporary Geographical Information Systems (GIS) can do. For example, the studies of network adequacy, areas of influence, and buffer analyses are significantly different from the usual county demographic maps. For example an “area of influence” analysis provides indispensable information to measure the need for a new program in an area with multiple existing programs.

The list of publications and studies worked on contains useful studies that are simply unavailable elsewhere although all have been previously released to the public in some form. While we have done over 90 business development studies/needs assessments at specific addresses or geographical areas, the majority are proprietary and only those that have been publically submitted to courts or licensing agencies have been put on this site.

Readers wishing  a copy of Leslie Hendrickson’s resume can see the About Us page. Under the “Services” tab, you can find descriptions of cost analysis and litigation experience.

The list of resources is apparently useful since we receive continual requests to add web links to it. Resources, especially information about Medicaid and Medicare, have become much more available in recent years thanks to the commendable  efforts of CMS, Kaiser, AARP and other organizations to make information more available.


Hendrickson Development provides five services:advocating

  • Location Analytics which includes  needs assessments/site location studies, and network capability analyses:
  • Participating in assessments of statewide health programs, and preparing quantitative and policy reports;
  • Performing cost and revenue maximization studies;
  • Testifying as an expert witness before zoning and planning boards, and higher level courts;
  • Making culture change and program rebalancing studies.

During the last sixteen years Dr. Hendrickson has visited and worked in twenty-six states on  projects related to the above five services. During July 1, 2007 to June 31, 2008 Dr. Hendrickson was a Visiting Professor at Rutgers University’s Center for State Health Policy. Prior to his consulting work, Dr. Hendrickson served as an Assistant Commissioner in the New Jersey Department of Health and Social Services where he was responsible for Medicaid long-term services and supports programs including nursing home reimbursement, home and community waivers, field operations, and the state’s pharmaceutical program for low income residents.